Sunday, January 3, 2016

My One Word

In a Twitter chat, I once read someone's comment that simply said, write! Just write what you're thinking and get it out there. So, here I go. No waiting until tomorrow, just writing.

Over the last couple of days, I've read many blogs, tweets, and other social media posts about resolutions, goals, and getting ready to go back into the classroom. In the past, I've spent the majority of my winter break working on lessons, finding new ideas, checking off the to-do list, and many other "teacher" things. It's always been my time to catch up and clear the slate for a new start. With two children, being able to do that, meant taking my babies to their great grandmother's three days a week. This is where I throw in my "don't judge me" hashtag. So, #dontjudgeme. 

Being a Mama who is also a teacher is rough, especially balancing family and work. This year, 12 days into winter break, I realized I had my children with me every day! It just kinda happened that way, though. Between both of them being sick, family hikes, Christmas, Suns games, a birthday, New Years, sewing projects, and trying to visit as many Pogo Pass venues as possible - I was exhausted! We did a lot and had fun doing it!

I have decided, multiple times, to put my girls first. Every once in a while I have to check myself, put the laptop away and read, dance, color, or sing with them. It must be becoming more of a habit because it just happened this break. Looking back, I remember making the decision to drive to Makutu's Island after filling up at the gas station, just because it was just across the street. I remember getting them dressed and out of the house so we could enjoy a few hours at Enchanted Island. I remember these being split second decisions instead of long mental fights trying to convince myself to put the work away. I truly enjoyed my family over break and am blessed to have had the time to spend with them. I suppose, it's only taken 12 years to get into this mindset, but I'm glad I am here.

My #oneword2016 is present. I will be present when at home with my daughters, at the dinner table with my husband, on the phone with my sister, in the classroom with my students, or in the lounge with my team. Less checking the iPhone or reading emails on the go. More genuine conversations and laughing. I choose to be present and be happy in every moment. 

"Wherever you are - be all there." Jim Elliot

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