Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Google PD Week

Last week was Google PD Week and I attended the YouTube Live Stream: Create & Deliver Meaningful Pd with Steven Hope. Although I've participated in many different webinars on various platforms, this was the first one on YouTube Live. It was extremely easy to connect as a participant because all I had to do was click the channel link. There was a live chat session as well, which allowed participants to interact with each other and the presenter. I'm interested in learning about how to use YouTube Live Stream as a presenter.

Strengths / Weaknesses
Ease was definitely a strength of this format. As long as I had an internet connection, I was able to join in and I assume it could have been from any device. I'm not sure there was a weakness to this format. The fact that the broadcast was available after the fact is great for those who want to go back and access the resource again.

Future Participation
I would definitely participate in this show format again. I also hope to learn how to use it as a presenter.

Classroom Integration
This would be a great tool for teachers to use when giving tips for parents. I could see using it to record a "how-to" video on a new math concept. I use to create a few of these types of videos for parents to help with homework questions. There were some issues with sharing the video file, so YouTube would be a good way to get it out there.

At this time we don't have the ability to use YouTube with students as attendees or bradcasters. It's a feature we hope to offer teachers soon, but I believe students will still be restricted.

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