Sunday, April 24, 2016

Discovery Education Board Builder

Multicultural Day Discovery Board

To access the Multicultural Day Discovery Board, click here and use the assignment code: TAAF5-43AE our use the assignment URL:

Discovery Education Board Builder

Discovery Education provides a wide variety of content for both teachers and students. You have the option to stream numerous videos not only related to the core content areas, but also Careers/Work Place skills, Research/Study Skills, Visual and Performing Arts, and World Languages. The resources range from kinder through high school levels.

After using Board Builder, I am amazed at how easy it is to manipulate. I know that my students, even as third graders, would be able to use this resource to present information effectively. The board I created is intended to support our school’s annual Multicultural Day. Each year we host visitors and performers from different cultures and celebrate our differences. Each teacher chooses a different country to study and on that day, students rotate from classroom to classroom learning about the different cultures and traditions.

Using Board Builder for this day specifically helps our students develop a respectful and ethical mind. They are exposed to various customs and traditions and learn to respect those that are different from who they are. Board Builder allows an integration of images, videos, and links which gives students a wide range of resources to draw their learning from. Additionally, teachers must take what is being presented in any lesson and have a discussion with students about respecting different cultures. Often while reading a text about a different country’s food delicacies, a few students might respond by saying, “Ewww, they eat that!” It’s important that I address these comments immediately. My students forget that some of their customs, which are the same as mine, may be seen as they see others. They are reminded that they may not like or agree with what they learn, but they must respect it. After this first conversation, they are more welcoming to learning about new customs.

Having access to Discovery Streaming is something that I wish to continue outside of the Instructional Media courses. It is a subscription that is valuable and I wish that it could be available to my district at a reasonable cost. I know that the teachers and students would benefit from all that it has to offer.

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