Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spotlight on Strategies

Spotlight on Strategies

The strategy I highlighted is the ACES strategy. I came across this strategy while researching an effective way to help my students develop deeper responses. The Smore newsletter design tool was simple to use and offered many options to incorporate video, links, images, etc. Including digital media to present this strategy makes it more appealing and can capture the attention of educators or students.
Reaching all learners

Allowing students to access digital text (PDFs), video (the online story) and Padlet, I am able to meet the needs of all my students. The digital text provides three levels of complexity and it's their choice as to which they will access. Using the PDFs in Google Classroom, which is where they will be accessing the Smore link, they have the option to have the text read to them. The Library Lion story is very beneficial for my struggling readers. This relieves the stress of having to decode. They can focus on comprehension and mastering the strategy. By using Padlet, my students can share their responses with the class and it opens us up to discussion. We regularly share responses and score them based on the rubrics being used. Although Padlet does require them to include their name, they can add and edit their response from the comfort of their desk and not have the spotlight on them through oral sharing.

Anchor Charts

By including the Evidence Based Terms, ACE, and student response anchor charts, my kids have a model for what their answers might look like. With this being digital, their resources are at their fingertips. The walls in my room are covered with whiteboards and space for anchor charts isn't an option. Including the anchor charts as images, allows them to access support when they need it. It's done privately without them worrying about needing it in front of their friends.

I created both a teacher and student version.
SMORE ACES for StudentsSMORE ACES for Teachers

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