Tuesday, May 30, 2017

7 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1

Various "challenges" can be found all over social media. Whether it's a 30-day ab challenge, healthy eating challenge, or a no carb-no-sugar-or anything delicious challenge - you're bound to find something that relates to your interests. Some people need the "challenge" in order to commit to doing something. Last year I started a "25 days of me" challenge and for the last 25 days of school, I challenged friends to take a one second video every day, which would later be compiled into a single video using the 1 Second Everyday app. It was actually engaging and fun. Personally, it helped me focus on me and my family and finding those moments in the day that didn't surround work or my students.

This week we are participating in a seven day photo challenge. Each day I'll add one photo and use the hashtag #7daysWithLopez.

Day 1: Lena - My little one is always ready to dress herself and take off with dad. #7DaysWithLopez

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