Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Want Some Mo'

-->"Will you every quit?" "No! We want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'!"
I could watch Remember the Titans a hundred times, and I probably already have. It's about friendship, leadership, and determination. I used the quote above as a call and response in my classroom. I would call out, "How are you doing out there?" and my class would respond, "We want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'!" I think it made them feel strong. Even if at that moment they were struggling, this gave them that feeling of, "I can do this!" 

"Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.”

I believe in this, 100%. As you lead, whether in an official or unofficial position, you must have a genuinely positive attitude if you expect your team to trust and follow you. A leader must show others that they will not be weathered by the storm. You can choose to be positive or negative about the opportunities you are facing. Your choice, whether you like it or not, will affect the people around you. They will choose to stand with you and fight the good fight, join you in the negativity, or steer clear from you as much as possible so not to affect their outlook. I have chosen each of those routes at some point throughout my career. The past couple of years, I have consciously chosen to be positive and steer away from the negativity. I am not perfect but strive to be a better person, leader, and educator.

I have mentored teachers and was the team leader at my first school for a few years. I will be starting my 11th year of teaching and it will be my third year at this amazing school! I have been given the opportunity to be the team leader. I am overwhelmed with excitement! Our team works well together and often it feels like magic. The ideas and discussion that flow through our PLCs is definitely one to brag about. Because of this, my role as team leader will not be one that dictates what we do, nor would I want it be that way. 

So what are my hopes in this role? 

I hope to . . .

~ be positive
~ motivate & support through the opportunities we will face
~ praise & celebrate successes
~ communicate & listen effectively
~ inspire creativity & encourage risks
~ learn from others & try new things 
Team leader or not, these are my goals. I want some mo', I want some mo', I want some mo'!

--> Cheers to a successful 2014-2015 school year!


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