Saturday, February 20, 2016

Web 2.0 Tools:

Web 2.0 Tools: challenged my patience like I didn't think it could. Creating my slides was simple enough, however uploading them to the site seemed to take forever. Twice it stayed on the "configuring" page for over 20 minutes. Navigating through the site was fairly simple, except for the recording part. I suppose I didn't realize it was to be recorded in one take. After using VoiceThread multiple times, I initially expected there to be a recording for each slide. It was a many-hour debacle for me, which now seems so unnecessary. I do see this being beneficial in my classroom. I have recorded short "how-to" videos for my students and their parents, but lacked a way to allow access. This is a good alternative to creating a YouTube channel. I can just send the link and they will be able to view the tutorial. Again, with the access we have to technology, this is something that can easily be used.

Mrs. Lopez' Tips & Tricks:

​Accurately partition whole numbers on a number line to represent fractions

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