Saturday, February 27, 2016

Web 2.0 Tools: Popplet & Canva

Infographics are powerful tools to get a message across. They are visually appealing and provide chunks of information, along with graphics, that make it easy to understand. They hold my interest and I think they will do the same for students.

For my 3rd graders, the iPad app  Visualize may be simple enough for them to manipulate. I like the idea of students using infographics to show the process of a system, like the life cycle of a crayfish, or to how how light reacts when it strikes an object.

As a first time user of Popplet, it was pretty simple to create the timeline. It's nice that you can try it out without signing up, however, you can't share it from there. Canva has quite a bit of options and tools for free along with some that you can pay for. Overall, both are tools that I would need to use more in order to get better at them.

We want to teach students to use images found online responsibly and it is especially important when creating a presentation, like an infographic. Depending on the topic, it can be challenging to find the images that relate to what they need. I might challenge them to sketch their images and use those to help the process.

Popplet Timeline: Sadako Sasaki

Canva Infographic


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