Saturday, February 6, 2016

Web 2.0 Tools: VoiceThread

The process in creating the podcast was easy to do. The challenge for me was finding an app that met the criteria of Web 2.0, iOS, and Android. Initially, I wanted to discuss Educreations or ShowMe, which both allow video creations. After some time, it was a no brainer that I should talk about VoiceThread. I've used it before and thankfully, it was also available on Google Play.

I tried calling in and recording from my phone to ipadio, but I thought the playback sounded like it had an echo. I ended up recording using QuickTime and it was fairly simple to upload that recording to ipadio.

I think ipadio will be a tool I can use in my classroom. I can see students using it to reflect on their learning and sharing the new things from class.

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**Post originally appeared in Weebly blog** 

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