Saturday, February 20, 2016

Web 2.0 Tools: ThingLink


ThingLink is a tool that allows you to create an interactive presentation. You have the ability to add a background image with interactive buttons that present a pop-up with text. Links can be included in the pop-up as well. The features that are available in the free membership seem limited. I was a bit frustrated while wanting to add more to my ThingLink and finding out that I couldn't. The examples online were very creative, which were obviously done with a paid membership. 

Simplicity can be good and this may be something I will use again with my students. I reflected by asking myself how I would get the same lesson ideas across without this site. I realize that using it does in fact eliminate a couple of steps for the creator and users. For now, I will use it as a way to present an activity to my students. We have daily access to a 1-to-1  iPad and MacBook cart, so it wouldn't be a problem for students to get to the ThingLink. I don't feel like it will be something I will have them create their own presentation with...yet.

Hero History: Ruby Bridges

Scroll over the image to interact with the lesson.


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