Sunday, February 14, 2016

Critical Evaluation

Survey Components

I chose to survey my students on the intent of the site, the author, and the date it was created/updated. My students continue to struggle with deciding if something is fact or not. Giving the opportunity to identify the purpose of the site, would be the first step for them in identifying the reliability. Identifying the author's opinion from their own is also a difficult standard for them. I can see a misconception occurring when they realize that a site shares the same opinion as they do. In that case, they will learn how to dig deeper into the site, using the 5W's, to determine it's reliability. Additionally, it's important for students to identify who the author is. Knowing this will not only help with determining the intent of the site, but also help them decide if there is bias. Finally, I wanted my students to find the creation date. Things change every day and I personally find it hard to locate a date on some sites. They can become wiser researchers when they learn to take the date and content into consideration and decide if it is still useful.

Using students can use their tablets to answer the survey questions.

 Below is an introductory lesson to critically evaluating sites.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is necessary to access material that can be used with students. It's important to teach kids, and many adults, about using images or videos from the web legally. I personally have not used the site before but have used the advance search tool in Google with allows you to change the "user rights" to "labeled for reuse." It has been helpful to have image results filter out the ones that can't be used. It's a matter of respecting the original author, and although my third graders aren't knee deep in research papers, they can benefit from learning how to choose allowed materials and give credit where it's due.
**Post originally appeared on Weebly blog**

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